These photos provided by Jessica McComb Photography
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Wolf's of Algonquin

The eastern red wolf can be found in Algonquin Park and is rare to spot. The wolf that is collared in these photos is a 10 year old momma of 6 known litters. They collared her as a pup back in 2003 and she was still alive and going strong as of the date of this photo (June 2012). The researchers said that unfortunately they could no longer track her though due to her collars battery being dead.

Algonquin Park runs wolf howls in the summer each year. During the day, rangers track the wolf’s to find out where there approximately going to be in the park that night. Then at night you can meet with the rangers at a determined location where they will call out to the wolfs. Then simply wait, listen and hope that they decide howl back!


  • Listen to a wolf howl
  • Hard to photograph