Visitors Center

The Algonquin Visitors Center is a must see on your trip to Algonquin Park. It's an indoor museum that showcases allot of really great history and other aspects of Algonquin Park. Some of the exhibits include stuffed moose, deer and wolfs. There is a great cave exhibit that shows the food chain of the fish of Opeongo Lake as well as some live trout in an aquarium. There are native, logging and ranger exhibits and even a old train exhibit. My personal favorite is the movie that plays every 10 minutes or so in the movie theatre. It's about 7 minutes long and does an amazing job of showcasing all of the great aspects there are to learn about in Algonquin Park. When you exit the move, there is a fantastic deck with a huge look out over a creek and a lake with binoculars you can use to spot wildlife. The food court here is a great place to stop for lunch.

Trail Summery

Difficulty: Easy
Length: N/A 2 hours
  • Learn About many aspects of Algonquin Park
  • Amazing View
  • Use common sense