This page is meant as a guideline only and as such it not a complete list of things to be careful of. Always use common sense.

There are several things to especially consider when thinking about the safety of your party when visiting Algonquin Park.

Firstly, Algonquin or (the land of many lakes as its also known) is full of (you guessed it) water. So be sure to keep a close eye on your little ones when on or near the lakes and rivers of the park. When canoing or kayaking, be sure to wear the properly sized life jackets that are included with your canoe rentals from all the outfitters.

Never drink the lake water directly because it can contain harmful bacteria. If you staying at a campground, there are water spouts all over the campground where you can get fresh water or if you are interior camping, use a portable filtration device or boil the water before drinking it.

Secondly, i would bet that most if not all of the people who visit Algonquin park want to experience nature and what better way to do than than by sharing a few moments in the life of a wild animal. Animal attacks in the park are few and far between but they can happen. Be sure to never carry food with you, animals can even smell items in sealed bags and containers. Never try to feed the animals and don’t keep food in your pockets. Animals love food and if you are approached by one, they are more likely interested in what’s in your knapsack than they are in you. If a large animal like a bear is being aggressive (which is unlikely but does happen on occasion) and you have food in your nap sack, drop the bag and let them have it. Your bag and food can be replaced, you cannot be.

If you find a black bear being aggressive and you don’t have food on you, it could be because that bear is a female and she has small cubs around. Slowly try and leave the area the way you came in. If the bear ever peruses don’t play dead. It doesn’t work with black bears. You need to make lots of noise, throw stones, hit them with sticks and wave your arms around in the air to make yourself seem larger than you are. Anything you can do to become more trouble than your worth will help you. In an emergency you can also climb trees, but keep in mind bears can climb too so break off a branch and use it to keep them away.

The best thing you can do is to keep your distance from the wildlife and read the cues they give you, if you get too close to moose, they could charge at you. But they usually let me know when i get to close to them by backing away or making noises at me. In my opinion if you have a healthy respect for nature, nature will leave you alone to enjoy it. The moose especially are like celebrities here. You can get close enough to get a picture, but if you try to touch one you’re going to get tackled by security.