Look Out Trail

The Look Out Trail is an approximate 2km long loop and is located at Km 39 of the Hwy 60 corridor. The first half consists of a steep incline and the second half consists of a steep decline. In the middle there is a breathtaking view of Algonquin Park and 3 of its lakes (Lake of Two Rivers, Kearney Lake & Little, Rock Lake). The Look Out Trail guide (available at the East and West gate as well as the trail entrance) talks about some of Algonquin Parks geological features. This trail is one of our personal favorites.

We give the Look Out Trail 5 stars for its breathtaking view of Algonquin Park.

No trip to Algonquin is complete without a stop at this trail.

Trail Summery

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2km 1.5 hours
  • Learn About Geological features of algonquin park
  • Amazing View's
  • Unprotected Cliffs
  • Steep incline/decline