Hwy 60 Corridor

There are several access points for Algonquin Park. The one that is used the most is the Hwy 60 corridor. It consists of two main gates (or entrances) on opposite sides of the park; they are the east gate and the west gate. They are called gates because the highway used to run through or next to the buildings and every car would be stopped and asked questions to pass (such as do you have any fire arms in the car, to help prevent potching). Around ten years ago the highway was moved around the west gate and cars were no longer stoped. They became drop in centers for people looking for information pertaining to Algonquin Park. The east gate is located on (you guessed it) the east side of the park and is only 5.5km away from the town of Whitney Ontario. The west gate on the other hand is located on the west side of the park and is about 40km from the city of Huntsville Ontario.

Between the two gates are the main attractions for Algonquin Park. There are 14 interpretive hiking trails with booklets available at the entrances, two museums (visitors center and Logging Museum, one art gallery and several biking trails as well as a bike rental booth. There is also a convenience store, Outfitters, horseback riding and cross country ski trails and lots of beaches, many canoe routes and interior access points, dumping stations for campers and an outdoor theatre.

The friends of Algonquin put on different activities throughout the year. Some of them include wolf howl’s and information sessions on different aspects of the park. There are also guided walks carried out by park naturalists.

You can drive through the park for free. You can also stop on the side of the road to see wildlife for free if you are only making a short stop and never leave the approximate area of your car. To use the park, in other words to visit the trails, beaches and museums you will need to buy a day permit. For more information of costs associated with the park. Please visit this page here.