Park Fee’s

To use Algonquin Parks facilities like its beaches, trails and museums you will need to buy a day permit. You can buy a permit per day or per season. The permits are issued for your car and you only need this kind of permit if your parking in Algonquin Park. You can bring as many people into the park with you as your car holds. Bus permits are a different price.

If you canoe into Algonquin Park from outside of the park and are not staying over night, you do not need to buy a day permit. If you want to stay over night in a campground than 1 car permit is included in your campsite fee. If your going interior camping than you will need an interior camping permit for each person camping and also one for your car if its being left inside the park for the duration of your camping trip. Permits are approximately $15 per day. please contact the park gates for exact rates.