Deer of Algonquin

White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the deer family and are readily found in Algonquin Park. There beautiful animals and it’s a special thing to spend a few minutes with them in the wild. Once I came across one deep in the woods and it wasn’t afraid of me at all. I spent the next 15 minutes just hanging out with it while it walked around and ate its dinner. It was a wonderful experience, one I hope to repeat many times in the future. They are seen off the highway 60 corridor, on the side roads, off the trails and in the bush.

They spend their summers in meadows and there winter in the forests. There named after their most unique feature, there white tail. Deere’s are fantastic runners of speeds passing 50 km /hour. They prefer young forests and stick together in the winter months to be better protected from predators. Female deer are called doe’s and male deer are called bucks. Young deer are called fawns. Be careful when driving through Algonquin they can cross the road at any time.

My uncle rescued a baby deer and brought it home to my mother when she was a child. They named it Skippy and put cow bells on its neck so everyone knew it was a family pet. Skippy even went to school with the local children at their one room school house as slept in side when it got really cold out.


  • Great photo opportunities with deer in Algonquin Park.
  • See them right off the highway 60 road in the park
  • see them in the back country too!
  • easily spooked so keep your distance!
  • Deer are not Naturally aggressive towards humans but they are still wild animals. Never try to feed them and keep a safe distance
  • Known to run out in front of cars on the highway, always drive carefully and keep a look out.