Canoing In Algonquin

Canoing opportunities in Algonquin Park are endless. There are thousands of kilometers of canoe routes. Some require a portage, some don’t. Some are accessed directly off of the road well others are accessed off of access points located throughout the park. These access points are marked by a yellow sign with a man carrying a canoe.

The waters in Algonquin are blue, clear and refreshing. One of my favorite canoe routes starts off at Rock Lake and goes about 10 miles (4.5 hours) back to the town of Whitney. It’s a leisurely route that starts off with magnificent views of huge rock formations in Rock lake and then progresses to a very short 10 meter portage around rock lake dam (which is beautiful in its own right and is a great place to stop for a picnic) and continues to follow a winding Gailairy lake where if your lucky there is a chance to see wildlife including turtles and loons in the water and moose, deer and bear on the shore line.

There are several stores that offer canoe rentals. Some will deliver to a campground or to a departure point. They will outfit you with everything you need including a canoe, paddles, life jackets and a safety kit. A canoe trip in Algonquin is like no other experience. Canoe route maps are available at the outfitters and the east and west gates.


  • An opportunity to experience the rich back country of Algonquin Park
  • Relax and have a picnic at rock lake dam or anywhere along your route
  • Refreshing, clear water
  • Open water presents a danger for drowning. Keep your little ones close and don't choose a route beyond your ability and experience level
  • Always check the weather before heading out onto the lake.