Booths Rock Trail

The Booths Rock Trail is an approximate 5km long loop and is located at Km 40 of the Hwy 60 corridor. This trail takes you on a moderate to intense hike along a giant cliff known as Booths Rock, named after the railroad baron J.R. Booth. It ends with a hike descending from the look out and looping back around to the parking lot with a short side trail visiting an old estate along the lake side. The Booths Rock trail guide talks about Judge George Barclay a cousin of J.R Booth, the now extinct Peregrine Falcon and the introduction of small mouth bass into Algonquin Park.

We give the Booths Rock Trail 4 stars for its breathtaking scenery.

Trail Summery

Difficulty: Challenging
Length: 5km 4-5 hours
  • Learn About the Peregrine Falcon
  • Amazing View
  • Unprotected Cliffs
  • Steep incline/declines
  • Open Water