Beaver Pond Trail

The Beaver Pond Trail is an approximate 2km long loop and is located at Km 45 of the Hwy 60 corridor. It takes you on a moderate hike around part of Amikeus Lake and finished with a great view from a look out. It's an moderate hike with a few steep hills and some very nice scenery. The Beaver Pond trail guide (available at the East and West gate as well as the trail entrance) talks mainly about the beavers, their food, houses and dams as well as a few other interesting features of the trail.

This is one of our favorite trails. We give this trail 5 stars because of its very interesting booklet that shares allot of interesting facts about beavers and because it has a great look out at the end.

Trail Summery

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2km 1.5 hours
  • Learn About Beavers
  • Amazing View
  • Possible chance to see beavers
  • See a beaver lodge
  • See a beaver dam
  • Unprotected cliffs
  • Some steep incline/declines
  • Open Water