Black Bears of Algonquin

There are three types of bears in Canada , the black bear, grizzly bear (or Brown Bear), and the polar bear. The Brown bears vary a lot in size however the largest male grizzlies can weigh over 1400 pounds or the weight of a small car. The Polar bears are the leading species of bear. There white and mainly live much further up north. Of the three types of bears, Algonquin is only home to the Black Bear.
Black bears are smaller than other types of bears and are also the least aggressive of the bears found in Algonquin Park and Canada. (2)“The black bear was not always black. In fact, it has been found in every shade between black, brown and white (not albino).”

Black bears mainly eat vegetation but they do consume berries, meat, fish and garbage as well. That’s why they are well known to be seen at local landfills later in the summer when food in the bush becomes scares. (Go at your own risk).
Bears are not naturally aggressive towards humans and do not often attack people. However attacks can occur when a bear is surprised, in danger, scared or with young cubs. We are not on the black bears food list, however people who carry food on them have been attacked in rare circumstances.

If you are approached by an aggressive black bear in the bush , first drop any food you have on you. Food can be replaced, you cannot be. If the bear is still aggressive do not play dead. This does not work on black bears. Make as much noise as you can, wave your arms around to make yourself look bigger and use sticks and stones to make yourself less appealing to the bear. You can climb trees for safety as well but they can also climb so feel free to break a stick off to use as well. Although black bears can be aggressive it’s been my experience that they mainly just ignore you if you keep your distance.  

Bears hibernate during winter season. They lower their body temperature and their heartbeat and breathing slows down when they enter their winter slumber.


Black Bears

  • See one in the wild
  • Bear attacks are rare but can happen
  • Bears are not natrally aggressive towards humans but they are still wild animals. Never try to feed them and keep a safe distance
  • If approached by an aggressive bear don't play dead. Wave your arms to make yourself bigger than you are, yell to make noise and use sticks and stones to make yourself a harder larger and less appealing to them.
  • Don't carry food on you in the bush