Our Mission:

Algonquinprovincialpark.ca 's mission is to attract new visitors to Algonquin Provincial Park and to support returning visitors by providing a consumer focused and easy to navigate website full of relevant information and pictures pertaining to Algonquin Park and the surrounding towns and business's. We will provide information such as what to see and do while visiting and where to find the services visitors will need while on their trip all while providing business's with an effective and cost effective means to advertise to their clientele.

We plan to continually expand our website in order to provide more detailed information about the park and surrounding areas.

You can help support our website in several ways:

1) Click the Social Media buttons on the bottom of the home page of our site to help us attract new visitors to our site by increasing our social media relevance.  (Coming Soon)

2) If you have a passion that relates to Algonquin Park or the surrounding area, you can apply to have your information published on our site. Anyone who's information is posted on our site will receive full credit and a free link to their own website if applicable. All information must be 100% original and not plagiarized in any way.

3) If you're a business in the vicinity of Algonquin Park, you can apply to have a free basic listing on our site or purchase premium listings in order to help us grow faster (currently we are offering free premium listings).

4) You can donate to our site. All donations with go towards helping grow the useful information on our site aswell as attracting more visitors to it.

Thank you in advance for your support of our passion!