Algonquin Provincial Park is mother nature's giant wonderland. Located just 3 hours drive from Toronto or Ottawa in the heart of Ontario's north. Algonquin was the first national park to be established in Canada and has welcomed visitors from all over the world for more than 120 years. Algonquin Park is more than 7000 square kilometers in size and offers some of the most breath taking, tranquil and exciting experiences that Canada has to offer.

In Algonquin you can drive along the hwy 60 corridor and take in nature at its best where frequent wild life sightings are made accessible to everyone. Right from the road, you have a really good chance of seeing Moose, Deer, Beavers, Foxes, Bears, turtles and a wide variety of birds and other animals. For a more intimate experience with nature, take in one of the 14 hiking trails along the hwy 60 corridor. Try a night at one of the many campgrounds that Algonquin Park has to offer or go interior camping for an experience like no other.

There are plenty of accommodations for those who like a little more comfort but either way, the hwy 60 corridor is filled with all the amenities you will need on your trip. Be sure to check out the two museums that the park has to offer or spend the evening on the lake for a scenic sunset canoe trip.

Whether your looking to relax by a fire with a cold one, learn about nature and the Eco system that all life is part of or experience nature at its best. Algonquin Provincial park is sure to give you a holiday you will remember.

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